Daily Routine

Daily routines offer children a sense of stability and a feeling of warmth and caring from their teachers. At Innocent Minds, we follow a daily schedule that ranges from group activities, teacher-driven activities, child directed activities and outdoor play.

Our classes are designed with distinct learning materials whereby children build their independence and participate in a range of stimulating experiences, such as Building Blocks, Games and Puzzles, Books and Storytelling, as well as Water and Sand activities. Our typical day includes:

1 Free play

Free play is when children play around with toys, read books and socialize.

2 Circle Time

After breakfast is served, children sit around to participate in Circle Time where the day's themed activities are introduced and reviewed. After Circle time, the teacher directs the activities to bring the day's educational theme to life.

3 Music & Movement

To expand your child's listening skills, music and movement are introduced.

4 Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors will help burn off energy and develop motor skills

5 Quiet Time

Here is when children rest or sleep in their specially designed mattress-like beds, after which Lunch is served.

6 Artistic Activities

It is the last item on our children's agenda. These include activities like painting, drawing, coloring, gluing, cutting, etc...